I was given a wonderful book for Christmas from my husband. It’s called Daily Painting, by Carol Marine a USA painter.

It’s really inspired me and helped focus in what direciton I would like to go with my work for at least the next 12 months.

I will endeavour to paint as often as possible, completing a small painting in one go and doing everything from life. A massive variety of subject from still life, fruits and veggies to flowers and going outside for land and seascapes.

I had been specialising in landscapes, sketching in nature but then painting back in my studio. Some of my previous works took 4 weeks to complete. So I’m really excited to try painting in one go with thicker, richer paint.

I will post on this blog every time I do an new painting. Please feel free to comment on any.

Today I tackled my first little painting. It’s 5×7″ – the smallest I have ever painted and of a single lemon (oil on board). I brought a lamp and a daylight bulb to light it from the side which helped to see the colours and the shape of the shadow.

The first of many paintings! It’s going to be good year 🙂