This is my first landscape outside for a very long time! Painting ‘en plein air’ is not something I’m practised at and it’s my mission to change this! 
I was desperate to do a landscape after lots of still life’s. My usual method would have been to use an sketch I’d made outside and then (in the comfort of the studio) paint a large long winded painting. 
Today was so different. It was biting cold the wind was whipping into me, I had so many layers on I could barely move my arms to paint! I felt like I left my skills and sense in the studio so hard to think when the elements are battering you. The light changed quickly as I started painting so I put in the intense roof and shadows and remembered how the sky was (as it soon was grey.) I did think half way through why have I chosen a complex subject to begin with! I had made a small drawing last summer of this scene, it’s just up the road from my studio, so I was a familiar with it. (see below)
After nearly an hour I had to go home, frozen but pleased. Grateful my efforts didn’t result in a disaster!  I plan to do a lot more outside painting, hopefully not all tough conditions like today.

This is my little ‘Pochard’ (easel with palette), which I’ve not used before. I used a limited range of colours: Ultramarine, Cadmium Yellow Lite, Cad Red, & Cobalt blue (the ‘Primaries.)