A glorious weather day! It was wonderful to be out and painting in the Punch Bowl (Surrey.) Rather chilly though and as I’m not used to working outside yet it takes me ages to do even a small painting 6×8″. I was there two and half hours and by the end I couldn’t control my brush with the shivering! 
New things were tricky like the sunlight shining on my board and distorting the palette colours so I stood in my shadow. I had my back to a path which was very busy with dog walkers and people enjoying the sun. I found it a little distracting especially as they could see my painting form the path, I wanted to say ‘don’t judge it yet, it’s not finished!’ 
Doing this today it makes me realise how much I still have to learn with painting en plein air (outside) but it gives me impetuous to do more!