My painting trip last night was a learning curve… Even though I have pared down my equipment to the essentials it all still weights a tonne! I walked about 20 minutes from the car park to this view, but I stopped after 10 as I thought I’d found a good spot it was the East side the light was warm and good clouds, I set up and then the hail pelted down, while I was waiting for it to pass I started to doubt my view as the clouds had come and it was now in the shade and quite dull (surprising how the sunlight can really lift a subject.) So I packed up and walked to the sunsetting view. I try not to take too long over finding a good subject to paint as you could always think ‘the grass is greener over there!’

The clouds were magnificent when I was setting up and I was rather pleased with myself, but then I got my paint out and I realised I left my white behind. Some subjects don’t have much white in them like a tomato but a cloudscape is so light compared to the land. I tried mixing the paint and using yellow to lighten. It didn’t work so I called my husband he was coming anyway because he was going to photograph the area, but he had to come 2 hours earlier than expected. While I was waiting for him I did 3 little sketches here is one of them:

By the time I had started painting the clouds had all nearly gone and the sun was shining in my face! Due to the dazzle I could barely see my board and was absolutely freezing! I got back at 8.30pm last night pleased I hadn’t given up but I will do a check list for painting trips in the future 🙂