It is the longest I haven’t painted during this year and I miss it, I’m itching to do one! I brought some cherries a few days ago and started to set up a composition but focus when I knew I still had loads to prepare tor this Saturday.

My studio is now ready for the Surrey Open Studio’s so I wanted to do a messy job before we open the door to visitors.

The above picture is boards or panels I’ve prepared with oil primer (the equivilent to Gesso a water based primer) I got a little carried away with how many boards I did – 38! Which should keep me going for a bit 🙂
If your interested I used C Roberson & Co primer the drying time is about 16 hours. I mixed Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and sometimes a little Yellow Ochre. Making quite weak mixes so its not too dark in tone. – a warm and cool version. (grey and brown) I prop them up on glass pots (saved from deserts) to keep the floor clean and easier to put the primer on as well.
Using these boards means I get the surface I want – not too slippery or too rough also not a stark white board.

You can see my displayed paintings on the floor behind the boards I ran out of wall and shelf space 🙂