oil painting of 3 cherries in a turquoise bowl, with scatterd cherries around it

I enjoyed the previous cherry painting so I thought I’d have another go. I haven’t done this in the past as I was scared to try and repeat something that was successful but decided to go for it and I’m pleased with the result. Lush colours and shiny cherries!
I chose a range of cherry colours and tones for composition. The little bowl has appeared in 3 paintings now, it’s a useful size and favourite colour! The past two were – ‘Citrus’ & ‘Turqoiuse Pots’.
My light box where I usually place my still life set up is dismantled for the Open Studio, therefore it was harder to paint as I had about 5 different light sources, I kept turning off and on my lamp to see its light to paint.
Using my primed boards is a much more slippery surface than I’m used to and although it gives a nice result I’m not used to the slipperiness. For example adding a dark tone over an area I have to lay the brush at a really low angle to the board and load it or else it just takes the paint off underneath. 

The Open Studios went really well at the weekend we had a good number of visitors and I sold 7 paintings, really pleased 🙂  I had some great feedback and I enjoyed talking art with people. We are open for another two weekends, looking forward to see what that brings. I will include some pics next post.