My sister kindly brought us Lionel Richie concert tickets in London (he was amazing!), so we made the most of our overnight stay and I did 2 paintings.

This one I painted Sunday afternoon standing on Hungerford bridge. I have never painted in such a busy thoroughfare, oh my! I had to keep my elbows in for people streaming past me. And once the painting was taking shape I then I felt like a celeb with the amount of photos and videos tourists were taking of me, quite different to the normal quiet painting I have been doing! But once I got used to it I enjoyed it and added to the London painting experience.
I concentrated on the skyline as it’s the bit I liked, all the different shapes. The sun was shining in my face (contre-jour) so most of the buildings were in shadow so they were silhouetted.
I wanted to make the shadow areas colourful and interesting. With lively brush strokes and not too laboured buildings. I’m really pleased with the outcome 🙂 My first London painting…