I was visiting my Mum in Portsmouth so I did a painting while I was there. Camber Docks is an interesting area with old buildings and lots of fishing boats and reflections.  I have painted one there before in April.
It was quite hard to decide how much to include in the composition, I used my viewfinder and camera and decided to crop the boat. I had painted 3/4 of the picture before anyone sat outside, I was lucky with the weather! I had just sketched the people in with my paintbrush and the guy got up and sat next to his wife! Tricky to do but having them in adds some life to the painting. There’s a lot of detail which again is hard to put in without it looking tight and controlled. I tried not to tidy up lines and edges and just leave them (something I say to my students a lot!)
I worked on getting the light shining on the building and boat, putting in the shadows so it showed the light.