This is my kind of subject! I love painting water, buildings, people and the evening light was fab too. 
I painted this view back in 2000 when I first starting painting properly and I haven’t painted it since. It used to be something I’d see daily when coming off of Hayling Island bridge where I used to live.
When I got to the harbour, it was bustling with families crabbing, I walked around to find a good aspect and decided I liked the life it added with the people. Set up and at least 8 of them came over to just where I was panting, no good for getting them into my view! But the two boys stayed there long enough for me to paint them. I was surrounded by shrieks with the kids pulling up the crabs on there lines, and dropping them into their buckets.

The evening light didn’t last long and I was franticly painting in the sky and water as it takes up so much of the composition it needed to be right and well observed. The paint was thick for the sky and thin for the water which seamed to work well.