I stood in front of the church at 8pm, it was my last painting of the day. Being higher up it allowed me to see more of the sea which reflected the evening colours.
I put the rocks in first which gave me some structure to work around. – Dark and silhouetted. It felt a lottery to when I should paint the sky as I wanted the sunset to be at its peak.
A German lady asked while I was painting how do you paint this when it’s changing to fast? And it was every time I mixed a colour and looked up the colours had changed or the clouds had moved! So once I started on the sky I committed to my mind what I saw the colours and shapes and then I painted like billio! I also took a photo in case I needed it later.
It was a challenge to get the colours light in tone but with enough colour and not to chalky. I’m pleased with how it turned out, with no time for overworking and it inspired me to do another one here  the next morning 🙂