We went further around the lagoon and these icebergs jumped out at me, also with the glacier behind.
It started spitting but being my final chance to paint in Iceland I grabbed it. Sadly within in 15 minutes it was pouring and I had to blow on my board to clear a patch of rain so the paint would stick and the same with my palette for mixing! I knew I was on a loosing battle so I packed up and continued painting from memory and a photo on my phone in our hostel room. 
I have been lucky that I finished all but one of the Iceland paintings outside.
The main colours I used for these icy paintings are: Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Teal (great for the turquoise) Raw umber, Blue-Black, Lemon Yellow & Crimson and of course white (Titanium).

Last night when we got home I laid out all my Iceland paintings I hadn’t seen some of them in a while as I had put them together with matchsticks between to keep them safe – it worked well. 

I feel really pleased with the paintings I did in Iceland 14 in 12 days, worked hard and really loved it, an inspiring and amazing country. Husband Nick took 5500 photos! He loved it too! 
Thank you to the people who comment too, really helps to read your words of encouragement, keeps me going and especially when I’m out there doing it 🙂