I wanted to get back into painting after our trip as soon as I could, as it would be easy to not get back into the swing of it. 

I was wondering along looking for subject matter and this boat was next to Slipper Mill Pond in Emsworth. I like the shape of the boat and the reflection and being next to a wall made the white hull leap out.
I started painting and the owner kindly removed a ladder which was propped up against it. He ended up cycling around to see the painting (there was water between us) and I learnt a bit about the boat too. She is called ‘Ngauruhoe’ a New Zealand name from an active Volcano. The boat was built in the UK in the 60’s and going strong!
I could see the water rushing out for low tide but hadn’t judged how quickly it would leave the area mud dry! I did start to get the water in but had to finish at home from a photo. The reflection I did with thicker paint and a short flat brush.
I enjoyed painting the boat, although quite a complicated subject and hard to simplify. I kept in mind what was important and not put too much detail in the top half just suggested walls and plants. Also not used to the heat! Which is so contrasted to Iceland where I was waring 6 layers to paint, for this I had to ware suncream, hat ….
I’m pleased with the outcome 🙂