Very busy at the moment, as I have two exhibitions in March, one joint with my husband and one in a gallery. So I’m painting like a mad women to supply both! 

I’ve discovered two new areas I like for painting (The Chantries & Newlands Corner, both on the North Downs). Last weekend I started 4 plein air paintings in 3 days. One was my previous blog post, the other was a disaster! And two more I’m still working on. I went back to the areas – during the past couple of days to gather more information. I found I didn’t have enough from the one visit – in the cold and fog! 
So I drew the scene and did another painting on the spot which is this one.
Had battles with it, much scrapping off and repainting. When it gets like that I cant tell if its worked ok  (which is when my Mum and husband are useful for feedback 🙂 They liked it.
Decided to leave the distant hills undefined and the forground put in more detail. Also keep the colours quite limited to bring a harmony.