Yesterday I had my first day painting with the Wapping Group. Is the longest established society of working artists in the UK, started in 1946 and limited to just 25 members. I went as a guest you can go 4 times in a season. 

I felt quite anxious but they made me feel very welcome. Painting with such esteemed artists it took me a while to settle and had lots of doubts about my abilities! But once I started painting the boats and water I got into it and took a breath!
I decide to use square short flat brushes to do confident brush marks, and blocked in shapes. The weather wasnt grea, spitting, grey cold…so th elight was quite flat I couldnt hardly detemin where the sun was shining onto! 
I enjoyed painting with other artists and in an area I’ve not painted in before, being on Twickenham high street you wouldn’t have known this scene was there, a hidden gem.