The is was the second time for being a guest with the Wapping group (a prestigious group based in London the member are accomplished professional painters.)

Whitstable in Kent is one of the further places they visit. I’d not been before but it had a lot to offer an artist, unfortunately the weather was against with rain and wind. This boat was my second painting attempt of the day – the first was abandoned due to a heavy rain. I stood for a while holding my umbrella – I couldn’t attach it to the esael as it was too windy. I tried to paint but the rain was coming underneath! 
So this little red boat was perfect as I could stand in shelter under a oyster cabin. At one point there was 7 of us painting a similar view all huddled in the dry!
I had just started painting and a big fishing boat comes in with all his catch to unload and of course wants access to the door I’m standing in front of! I had a little window to look through see my view here it is: 

People often ask why plein air is harder than painting in the studio, so many reasons!! This is one of them, things change.

I loved the reflection of the boat, worked hard to get the tone and colours right. I did it as a patch work of paint strokes building it up to make a mosaic of colour. I’m pleased with the result. I kept the colours limited for harmony, the main ones being red & green – colour complimentaries. 
The name of the boat Salva Mea means: Save me.