I planned to go down to Bosham on advice from an artist saying it was gorgeous early morning. Somehow I picked the most stunning day, so happy. 
Got there just after sunrise and the cloud formation and reflections in the water….

I painted the clouds quickly, they were fun to do. Using Pale Naples Yellow ( I prefer the standard N. Yellow as you can always lighten it) I used it for warmth in the clouds then added it to Cerulean blue for the water.
The boats were swinging about on the tide quite a bit. The posts were a challenge put them in or not? I’m happy with the yellow and black one and good to have an upright in there as it’s quite a horizontal composition. The two in the corner also help balance the composition without them there would be a big gap!

It’s already been framed and into the Haslemere Art Society Exhibition…more on that in next post.