Second painting from the back garden this time quite different weather being a sunny and crisp morning with long purple shadows on the snow. 
The shadows went surprisingly quickly which meant there was no time for mixing. I used some of the paint on my palette from the previous days snow painting, just tweaked a bit. 
I also spent some time painting the sheep I put them in before the main light snow as I wanted to paint around them as it seams to connect and structure the painting better. I simplified the sheep to 3 tones of muted yellow. (Light mid and dark) which helped make them look solid. You also don’t have to put in all the detail like four legs just a suggestion is enough.
The tree trunks I did a dark green-brown tone first then a light strip not the left. The little tree in the centre was in direct sun and glowing orange!
Snow seams to make the land quieter, all I could really hear were the sheep munching on grass nearby 🙂

Our back garden with the fence and then the field.