I have been distracted with Christmas preps so haven’t posted the last of my snow paintings from the beginning of the week.

Across the road from us we have Bramshott Common with lots of Silver Birches, I have found it difficult to find a composition I like in the past, but snow definately helps.
I saw this scene but thought I could find better, so walked at pace with my gear though the snow.
I ended up 40 mins later back at the same soot with only minutes to spare until the sun was behind the tree line. So I painted the sun & sky first leaving gaps for the tree trunks.
The rest of the painting was with a warm or cool grey. A mix of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna, warming the mix with Permanent Rose or cooling with more blue and white.
Very little white in the trees and foliage in the foreground which helps with ariel perspective.
Pleased with the result considering it was a quickie!
Lets hope the snow comes back soon 🙂