Very windy day but beautiful light. I got sucked into the big view and used a big canvas. I was pleased with the bones of it – composition and the sky but then I got home and it underwhelmed a little, I think the colours were too muted and so nothing to loose I scraped back with a palette knife all of it a part from the sky! It’s still there but with no paint texture – see pic below.
Scraped back wet paint but subject still there

Out on location ….I painted the sky first and I was aware I was taking too long to cover the bigger area. It’s too long because by the time I got to paint the beach the tide was coming in and and there wasn’t much left of it! The light on the sand is my favourite bit…Comparing the tone and colour to the sky.

The canvas (Belle Arti Linen Fine weave) was different to my boards, not used to the texture and I use my hand and rag quite a bit to wipe paint and move it around or soften edges, this is harder with a canvas. 

Back at home after I’d scraped back the excess paint and left with a ghost. I repainted the green area of the sea, making it more intense and thicker paint, Blue-Green in the distance and more Yellow-Green closer to us. (The shallow water & the colour of the beach effects the sea colour.)
The colour of the foamy waves are tinged with a peachy colour (not pure white) 
The line of darker sand I mixed a colour similar to the clouds just darker in tone and keeping the edges soft. I’m pleased with the outcome 🙂