I felt out of my comfort painting this, not used to rocky shorelines and big waves! But it’s good to push the skills and enjoyed painting it. 
Quite a sheltered spot and by the time I finished full of children and dogs! I decided not to include them as I had already mapped in and to go over the top doesn’t work as well as including them in the beginning and painting around them.
Although I did have a little episode with a dog, a women shrieked as a dog came running towards me, and I wasn’t quick enough to stop him peeing on my art bag! The lady was mortified, ‘he’s an old dog’ she said. I understood having an old dog ourselves but still my bag was now a target for other dogs (the smell)!!
It was a beautiful morning although you can see a cloud front had come in and started to rain as we left.
I put the darks of the rocks first and made sure the lights of the rock weren’t too light. The sea was quickly receding in low tide so had to get it in before it went.
I would like to paint this again now that I am more familiar with this subject.