‘Silver Birch in Snow’  8×10″

I have just found out that this painting has been selected for the New English Art Club annual exhibition. I am so pleased as it’s a really competitive show to get into and this is the first time I have done it!! 

The exhibition runs: 15-23rd June at The Mall Galleries, London

Some stats: 1500 paintings were entered online & 104 have got in, that’s less than 10% 
I had 4 selected which got through the first round:

It’s hard to know why the ‘Silver Birch in Snow’ painting got through and the others didn’t get chosen. 
I also went to the best framers I could, they are called ‘The Artistic Framing Co’ in Hampshire UK. Hand painted frames with silver or gold gilding, not cheap but decided I wanted to give the paintings my best chance!

I have just looked back at the timings of this painting back in mid December. It was one where I walked around a lot trying to find that ‘perfect view’ but came back to the first view I’d seen! Therefore had very little time before the sun went behind the tree line. The painting only took me 40 minutes!! Funny how your perceptions of making a ‘great painting’ takes time but especially in plein air sometimes it’s quite the opposite.