Painting EQUIPMENT Post! I thought you may like to see what I’m taking to Venice ???????? we are there for 3 weeks of painting with my husband taking photos. So excited to be going again, it’s a special place I find very inspiring. We are travelling there & arrived on Friday (6th Sept). I paid for an extra suitcase of 23kg for the many boards and paint! I have described each item below – search for the numbers!
1. Apron
2. Business cards
3. Suncream fits in paint bag
4. Plastic wrap for protecting boards on journey home
5. Great Art Gloves for cleaning equipment each day
6. Rags
7. Matchsticks For stacking wet paintings
8. Sandpaper – for boards
9. Oops no item!!
10. Masking tape
11. Spare pot for turps to come
12. PVA glue – for matchsticks
13. Nocturne painting light
14. Scissors
15. Green for Oil Sennelier – safe flying paint thinner
16. Green for Oil gel -same as above
17. Cannon power shot
18. Ruler
19. View finder
20. Sketchbook
21. Feet to protect Open Box M pochade for flying
22. Spare tops for Palette Garage
23. Murphies soap for brushes
24. Blue tack
25. Clamps
26. Rope for wind and hanging bag from
27. Pencil case
28. Scalpel
29. Straight rule for painting
30. Spare Open Box M Hooks
31. String
32. Palette Knife
33. Empty jars for cleaning brushes
34. Paint wringer
35. Pencils & pens
Manfrotto be free tripod
Medium dipper
Spare jar for holding turps
Palette Garage
Brush Roll
Open Box M Pochade
Mdf gessoed boards 2-3 mm
Plus ready made from linen Jacksons. Taking 115!! Too many but gives me choice ????
Wet painting carriers from Raymar
Ended up having to take 2 out so only taking 3 now!
My paint I’m taking! In colour order on my palette.
Airtight containers for all my paint with labels for airline travel.
Any questions, comments or suggestions happily received!