Sometimes a painting doesn’t go to plan. I started a large one before this and I worked for 2 days on it and then scrapped it. Drawn out, the composition seemed to work but with paint on it was ‘thin’ and lacking.

On a big canvas there is nowhere to hide, you can’t fudge an area as it has to all work together. I used a plein air as inspiration for the new works, I spent a whole day planning the composition and when I came to draw it out it was quite quick. I experimented with the height of the struts of Albert and where they should be – I moved them to the right as there was to big a gap top right. Also the size of the lamp post decided it needed to be strong and impactful.

This is the second large painting (80x100cm) for the Battersea Affordable Art Fair in March.

A time lapse I made from lots of photos joined together to show the progression of my painting.