This was the painting I started last weekend outside in London.  It was a complex subject and good size painting to tackle en plein air and in the rain! See pic below.

I used my ‘Best Brella’ for the first time and it was a boon! I couldn’t have painted otherwise as it was raining too hard. Didn’t stop me getting cold and wet but my palette and painting was dry! You can buy the pochade umbrellas from America, same people as the Palette Garage.
I experimented with colour themes I wanted to emphasis the rainy grey day but when I got the painting home it looked very grey and washed out. So I left it to dry and re worked it, I’m happy with the result, especially the composition.

Sadly I didn’t get into the Royal Institue of Oil Painters Exhibtion. (ROI) But I’m really pleased to have got 2 paintings through the first round, it shows I’m on the right track and will keep trying with the London shows 🙂 Some stats for the ROI all approximate: 1000 people entered online 300 got through the first round 95 through into the final exhibition.