Yesterday we were out in West Witterings in Hampshire. It was sunny and the sea breeze was blowing. I burnt the backs of my knees (missed the sun cream here!) It really felt like summer and it was teaming with people.
I started one composition and it wasn’t working so I looked around for another. I turned on the spot and found this one. Not the sort of thing I have tackled before and it was a challenge! 
So many shapes and colours and they’re moving around. Simplify, I thought, I don’t have to put everything in, just the bits I like and are important to the composition. The little Life Guard hut broke up the sky line and the windbreaker was a strong element in the foreground, and being so big needed to be right! 
The people I did very quickly just getting the essence of them, not too much detail. 
My paint and board was covered in sand – gritty mixing! 
I want to go back and do studies of this area and get used to this kind of subject, it was fun though 🙂