Driving to my potter friend she lives in the South Downs and on the way there I always think I want to paint this view! So this time I did. (It’s nr Petworth on the A272)

Quite hard to find a view whilst driving. I spotted this scene through a 6 bar gate a quick glimps of the farm house and then it was gone. So I turned around and parked. The field was on a slope so the bottom half of the view was cut off and the line was too harsh. I decided to risk it and climbed over the gate to get closer to it. Luckily no farm animals and the crop and had been harvested. 
But the farmer on his tractor spotted me and made a beeline.  Thankfully he was really friendly and happy for me to stand in the middle of his field and paint his farm. It was a stunning spot and I really enjoyed painting it. 

The painting stages:

Greens varying them from warm to cool, and quite translucent – not much white.
The sun came out whilst I was putting in the house the tones changed so much it looked better so I adjusted the 3 sides of the house to work. 
I’m trying to think tonally again as it really makes a difference to a painting. I ask myself questions:  ‘This part of the roof how does it compare with the trees next to it and then how does the trees compare to the sky……?
Everything should relate to each other.

My potter friends husband is emailing this painting to the farmer, lets hope he likes it 🙂